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KOTO= Act/ Word/ Anciant city  Wa= Ring/ Circle/ Peace
Kotonowa is a brand by MARUWA Co., Ltd. established in 1949. Since then we have introduced Furoshiki and it's culture.
We have transmitted Japanese philosophy, culture, words to the next generation through Furoshiki.   KOTONOWA

Kotonowa×Heini Riitahuhta

She is a Finnish artist and designer at Arabia Art Department in Helsinki, Finland. Heini expresses her artistry with decorative unique works. She received the honorable mention in Mino, Japan. And she has several solo exhibitions in Helsinki, Japan and other.
Heini gave popular names for old ladies to KOTONOWA. Their gardens inspired her, and the patterns are out of respect for these ladies.
  Kotonowa×Heini Riitahuhta

Kotonowa×Juho Viitasalo

“Finlandia Series” designed by Juho Viitasalo. Juho is a Finnish industrial designer in Japan. His works span everything from lifestyle products to aerospace and include such organizations as Finnair, NASA and Volvo Cars Japan. As “Finlandia Series”, Juho created a system in which all the patterns are created using one graphical element. The patterns are inspired by the Finnish nature and culture.   Kotonowa×Juho Viitasalo

Kotonowa×Unqui Designers

Unqui Designers is a french industrial studio, located in Paris. They create maeaningful objects by understanding modern way of life : sustainability, usefulness and lightness.

Furoshiki is a traditional japanese technique : making a bag with a piece of fabric. Unqui created modern patterns, highlighting the simplicity and the elegance of the folded fabric. Patterns are also inspired by manga drawings and techniques. They invented a leather handle, making the bag more useful. The main idea was to much contemporary lifestyle : lightness and adaptability.



Tanoshiki is a brand of Furoshiki combined Igo, New York and Kyoto. Igo is a traditional Japanese game playing on the grid board. And New York and Kyoto are built in a grid pattern. You can learn the name of streets with Tanoshiki in playing Igo, and use it for souvenir or travel with Tanoshiki. Tanoshiki is portable Igo board.   product_img_g_01lS.jpg

Cotton Furoshiki

It’s the most popular textile as a natural material and washable.
We have many choices of sizes from.   Cotton

Chirimen (rayon) Furoshiki

There are many variation of pattern and it is reasonable price. The texture and luster are like silk thread. It shrinks when you wash in water. You can use it as a souvenir, wrapping presents and bottles, tapestry etc.   Chirimen (rayon)


Japanese traditional towel made of cotton with plain weaved.
It is used as a face, hand, body towel in general. In some Japanese traditional situation like ceremony or Kendo, we use it for head cover. Recently, we have many patterns and use it for decoration not only for towel.   Tenugui


Noren is a piece of fabric like a curtain and used for separation between inside and outside but it does not divide space physically.
Behind the Noren, there are shops, private space etc. In Japan, we use Noren for space separation as a barrier and also for the main sign of the shop facade and interior decoration.


Happi is one of the Japanese traditional coat worn at festival and it is popular to make unique designed Happi for several events.   Happi